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The Ford Mustang stole the show at this year’s National Association of Police Fleet Managers’ Conference on 7th and 8th June, sporting neon Battenberg UK police livery; the event saw the 410bhp V8 Mustang GT showcased in all its glory, fitted with roof-mounted LED lights to complete the look.

Allegedly undergoing assessment for suitability as a potential UK police patrol car, could the Ford Mustang be posed for police duty in the UK? That’s what the rumour mill is churning out, and Ford hasn’t denied the possibility.

A representative for the marque said: ‘We believe a Mustang would make an excellent patrol car and would encourage safer driving on our UK roads’, further commenting that ‘we expect to have more information later in the summer.’

Offering both right- and left-hand drive versions from Ford’s Michigan factory, Mustangs are currently sold in 140 markets. Since launching in the UK in late 2015, orders for more than 3,500 Mustangs have been placed, and the first 1,000 were delivered in March. More than 16,000 orders have been placed in Europe and better yet, 110,000 were sold around the world last year, highlighting its popularity as a global sports car.

British police cars are known to pack more of a punch than those chosen in many neighbouring European countries, but the Mustang would raise the bar even further with its powerful engine and rear-wheel drive.

As a genuine contender for police car selection, the Ford Mustang would offer additional power to the force’s line-up, enhancing road presence and amplifying authority – it has even been suggested that a less conspicuous black Mustang GT could be used as a fast-response police vehicle.​

Hollywood has even adopted the idea of a Mustang police car, with Director Michael Bay incorporating the iconic Ford in the upcoming film Transformers: The Last Knight.

So will this concept transform from Hollywood fiction to reality? With a competitive price tag and incredible ability, the Ford Mustang GT is a viable option for the UK’s police force. And its 410bhp makes it an even more remarkable choice.

The Mustang’s fate as a police vehicle is yet to be decided, but the current reality is that you can already get your hands on your very own Mustang GT from Lookers Ford – you may not get the neon livery and LED lights, but you’re guaranteed to experience an exhilarating ride.