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Ford to commence production of new hybrid series

21st August 2014

Ford has announced that it plans to release a hybrid vehicle, scheduled to be available for sale during 2019, as direct competition for the Toyota Prius. The incoming car currently carries the internal production code C240, and will make use of Ford's newly-developed C2 global compact architecture. The C2 architecture is also to be used in the manufacturer's upcoming next-generation Focus and Escape models.

The C240 will be the first dedicated hybrid to come from Ford's production line, as opposed to hybrid variants of petrol and diesel base models. Ford plans on releasing several versions of the hybrid, with different body styles and versions of the petrol-electric drivetrain on offer. A higher-end version of the C240 will be a plug-in example, designed to be recharged from any conventional plug socket.

Elements of the new hybrid vehicle are expected to take inspiration from Ford's current hybrid technological output. Research into fuel economy and range is to continue, with the 2019 model set to spearhead improvements in these areas. The company has invested highly in hybrid technology for improved ecological benefits in the past, and this is expected to continue as Ford prepares the C240 for launch.

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