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Ford Mondeo Tops Company Car List

16th December 2014

There is always great choice and variety on offer for those looking to make their next company car selection. Of course many companies often secure long term deals and tie-in with a chosen brand in order to secure the best deals. Popular choices include BMW's, Vauxhalls and even Mercedes-Benz.

Ford however, and the new Mondeo in particular, has topped a survey by Sewell Intelligence. Having quizzed 2,200 so called "user-choosers" (company car drivers in other words) in the largest survey of its kind, over half of those in the lower/upper medium vehicle sector said that they would be likely to consider the new Ford Mondeo as their next company car.

Available from next month in diesel and petrol five-door and estate bodystyles, plus a four-door hybrid, the all-new Ford Mondeo offers striking exterior styling, greater interior refinement. Technologies also include adaptive LED headlamps, Inflatable Rear Seatbelts and SYNC 2 connectivity.

Sewells also surveyed over 2,000 fleet managers and business decision-makers across the country, who placed Ford in the top two most desirable brands for businesses overall.

Simon Staplehurst, of Sewells Research and Insight, said: "It's easy to be blinded by the kudos of a premium badge, yet surveys like our User Chooser Barometer highlight that company car drivers also strongly consider Ford. Given that this Mondeo will also offer a hybrid petrol-electric option, it's only likely to further increase interest from drivers."

All-new Ford Mondeo introduces new features too. These include adaptive LED headlamp technology, combining full LED headlamps which offer daylight clarity. The ingenious incorporation of Adaptive Front Lighting to adjust the beam angle and intensity to match the environment, is a key safety benefit.

And speaking of safety - in the event of an accident, the Mondeo's Inflatable Rear Seatbelts expand to disperse crash forces across a body area five times greater than that achieved by a conventional belt. In particular it then offers valuable extra protection to the very young or even older passengers with weaker chest areas.

Ford's SYNC 2 connectivity system boasts technology-led innovations. These include a voice controlled eight-inch colour touchscreen to operate phone, entertainment, climate and navigation systems.

The intelligent all-new Ford Mondeo also includes some very 21st century capabilities. These include automatic parking in both parallel and perpendicular spaces, as well as having the ability to avoid pedestrians which stray into the car's path.