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New Survey by Ford Shows Acceleration in SUV Buyers​​

A new survey carried out by Ford Motor Company has revealed SUV’s are highly desired by millennials – those aged 17-34 which make up 24% of Europe’s adult population. The findings show that Europe’s SUV boom is about to accelerate even for the new car buying generation. The respondents of the survey said that the reasons they desire SUV’s is that they make them feel powerful when they drive and are fun and sporty. They also said SUV’s are the perfect car for an active lifestyle.

The study of 5,000 adults from France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK also found that 54% of millennials thought that SUV’s were better than any other car at being able to drive in cities and countryside’s. They also believe that SUV’s have better safety than other types of cars and that they have become a lot more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient over the last five years.

The results of the survey are no surprise considering SUV sales in Europe are set to increase from 20% to 27% by 2020. Ford knows how much the SUV market has and will be taking off in the coming years and that’s why they will be showcasing three new models this year. Starting at the Frankfurt Motor Show they will be showing off the new European-specification Ford Edge which will be launched early next year. They will also be introducing the latest versions of the EcoSport and the Kuga later this year. Ford have said that they are targeting sales of 200,000 SUV’s in Europe by 2016 a 200% increase since 2013​​.