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Featuring the All-New Ford Edge

Le Fantôme: The latest Ford video, featuring the All-New Edge

2016 has seen the launch of the All-New Ford Edge in the UK, and along with the UK launch, the Edge has been updated to include a diesel engine, steering and suspension tweaks, as well as acoustic glass being added in, which highly reduces outside noise.

The Ford Edge is the quietest, large SUV around, and feels like a luxury saloon on the motorway when driving at 70mph. The fantastic suspension also means that you're always promised a comfortable ride, as the Edge has got all big potholes and poorly surfaced roads covered.


The Edge is designed to meet demand for a more upmarket SUV, and it certainly does as it comes with a high quality design and build. Along with this, the model boasts a wealth of features including DAB, rear-view camera, privacy glass and keyless start to name a few. Not only is it an entertaining, and comfortable ride, it is also family friendly. The model comes with a huge boot, fold flat seats and lots of rear space. The rear doors also open wide which makes getting children out of the car much easier, taking the hassle out of family trips.

Find out more about the Edge, or take a look to see what Edge offers we have at Lookers Ford.