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New Honda CR-V

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Comfort and Style

Flexible and efficient, the new Honda CR-V is built to provide comfort both on and off the road. With a choice of responsive engines, supple suspension and accurate steering, it tackles any terrain with ease.

Kitted out with air conditioning, dual-zone climate control and leather upholstery, the Honda CR-V boasts interior style that is designed to make driving effortless and enjoyable.




For many years, the Honda CR-V has set the standard in the SUV crossover market with its bold styling and innovative design features. The interior of the CR-V is full of technological brilliance, ergonomic design, passenger safety and comfort features, and an enormous luggage space.


The commanding driving position affords a superb and unhindered view of the road ahead. With the driver most in mind, the layout of the cabin ensures that every control, gauge, gadget and accessory is within comfortable reach of the person behind the wheel. The gear lever is innovatively located for ultimate ease of use.

All occupants sit in extreme comfort as the ergonomically designed interior affords every luxury. The space, which is designed for five adults, is generous with head and legroom to spare for even the tallest person, as the rear seats also have a recline function that sets the standard for automotive comfort.

As would be expected of a larger family vehicle, luggage space is a priority. The Honda CR-V sets the benchmark in this area with its innovative and exceptional One Motion system, a mechanism by which each of the rear seats can be independently manipulated to maximise loading space around occupants. There is even a clever second-level shelf system that allows passengers to store items they might need quick access to.




Honda is renowned for its innovative safety features that surpass those required for the five-star Euro NCAP rating that it also holds.

The Honda CR-V has a Collision Mitigation Braking System, a unique safety system that uses radar to transmit vehicle distances to the driver in the form of audio and visual warnings and accesses the risk of potential collisions.

The system can, in some circumstances, override the system to brake the car safely to avoid impact.

Regular cruise control systems ensure a steady speed that is only broken when pressure is applied to the brake.

Honda has designed an ingenious and comparably safer system of cruise control where the driver specifies the desired distance he requires between him and the vehicle ahead.

The Adaptive Cruise Control technology ensures this distance remains active without the need for the driver to continually set and reset the system.

The Honda CR-V also utilises the stability-assistance technology that ensures that grip and traction to the road surface are maximised at all times, regardless of the severity of road conditions and weather.

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