I Predict a Riot – Ricky Wilson named as Civic Type R Ambassador

Honda today announced that Kaiser Chief frontman and the BBC's Voice judge Ricky Wilson will be their new ambassador for the new Civic Type R. The announcement was made just ahead of the first day of the Goodwill Festival of Speed where Ricky will be seen taking on the famous hill climb in the new Honda Civic Type R.

Ricky who will be playing to 65,000 people at Hyde Park on the Saturday alongside the Who, will be making his famous hill climb the following day. To prepare for the climb Ricky gained his National B licence at Knockhill racing circuit last week. Ricky was guided around the famous circuit by Honda BTCC star driver Gordon 'Flash' Shedden.

Ricky said he had a blast at the Knockhill circuit and can't wait to trial the new Civic Type R at Goodwill. Ricky reassured fans that he will be on a slow drive so he can wave to the crowds, instead of trying to get up the hill in a record time. Ricky now becomes the very proud owner of a blue Civic Type R complete with the new +R mode which increases the response of chassis and engine for enhanced driving thrills.

Ricky said of his new car: “For the first time, I feel like I can trust something at high speed. For a car that's a small road car, it gives you a taste of the race". He added: “For something you can walk in and buy in a dealership, I think it's brilliant."

Gordon Shedden said of Ricky's driving skills: “Ricky has a natural talent behind the wheel, and we discovered he drove much better when listening to the Kaiser Chiefs when out on the track. His reactions were quick and smooth and I look forward to hearing about his Goodwood experience and living with the car during his time as ambassador."

The new Civic type R was launched to the media at the beginning of June, deliveries are now being taken. The new model features an all-new 2.0 litre VTEC TURBO engine which delivers 310PS, as well as the previous mentioned new +R Mode for greater driving thrills.

By Jenna Niblock