Honda pioneers crash testing 3D software

7th July 2014

The use of 3D visualisation software during automotive design is long established, and now Honda has taken the technology a step further by implementing it as part of crash testing processes.

Honda R&D Americas has teamed up with leading 3D software developers 3DXCITE to create crash simulation technology which allows the manufacturer to render a vehicle collision in 3D. Engineers then have the ability to rotate the resulting images, remove vehicle body parts for a closer inspection and make the virtual crash barrier clear to observe the effect on impact from multiple angles.

The new system will allow Honda to undertake crash testing of multiple designs with greater efficiency, speeding up the process of finalising model developments. Eric DeHoff, Honda R&D Americas Technical Leader for CAE in the Crash Safety Group commented:

"With this technology, we have gained the potential to improve the quality of decision making and reduce the time required for finalising a vehicle design by greatly increasing the ease of communicating and understanding the results of a crash test simulation. This tool will promote a more complete understanding of vehicle safety design amongst all engineers involved in our vehicle development process."

This latest advancement in the area of vehicle safety is not unusual for the brand, as it has for a long time held a deserved reputation for the protective capabilities of its line-up. With sophisticated active and passive systems featured in all new Honda cars, they represent some of the safest on the road today.

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