Honda to make F1 comeback at Jerez test

8th September 2014


It's already known that Honda will be making a return to Formula 1 in partnership with McLaren, and the carmaker has confirmed that its reappearance will occur at next year's Jerez test. Honda will supply powertrains to McLaren from next year, and has announced that developments for the 2015 championship are on plan.

“We are absolutely within our development plan. Our engine - or more precisely our power unit - is ready for a whole system check, but without the chassis" commented Motorsport boss Yasuhisa Arai. “It will still need more time to bring the power unit and chassis together and then be able to run checks with the complete car."

The Jerez test will be the first time the chassis and powertrain will be seen together, and both manufacturers have a lot of work ahead if they are to match this year's dominant team Mercedes. 2008 was the last time Honda was involved in Formula 1, and since then the carmaker's attention has been focused on refining and updating its passenger car line-up.

This is only expected to continue, and buyers of Honda's future vehicle releases could benefit from innovations that crossover from the track. Currently, the Civic Type R is Honda's offering to motorists requiring race track-inspired performance, and the next-generation model is under development prior to a 2015 release.

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