The All-New Honda Civic Type R is a Dream to Drive

The Dream editor's favourite bits...

Honda's Dream magazine editor, Erin Baker got to drive the Type R for a week and didn't want to give it back! Find out why below...​


​Your average hatchback might have about 150 horsepower; this has double: 306bhp to be precise. That means screamingly (Jenson Button’s term, actually) quick acceleration. A proper hot hatch.

Rear Wing

Bad-boy looks from the outside, but it doesn't infringe the driver’s view out of the back, while optimising down force. The ideal solution.​​


The problem with having a lot of power going to the front wheels is that they start to twitch and pull when you pile on the acceleration. It’s called torque steer. Honda engineers have worked a miracle to reduce this twitching by half via new suspension.

CO2 Emissions

Best carbon dioxide levels for a high-performance car. So you can claim to be both environmentally friendly and a boy racer. Result.​​

+R Button

Turns the instrument dials a devilish red, changes the engine mapping which basically means the engine suddenly acts like it’s on fire. Basically, it’s a button for added attitude. We love.

Max Performance​

Top speed over 167mph, 0-62mph in 5.7sec. Both figures are the highest in the sector​.


Specially developed 235/35R19s. Which translates as: low profile, sexy rubber.​


We love the short-shifting six-speed manual transmission. One of the slickest in the sector; crucial for fast changes in a hot hatch.