The Sportage was the best-selling car in March according to Auto Trader data.

The love affair with the Kia Sportage continues, with figures revealing that the SUV was the fastest selling car last month.

According to data released by Auto Trader the manual 2015 Kia Sportage, took a just 13 days to sell in March 2016, closely followed by a 2013 model Kia Sportage, selling in just 18 days.

Karolina Edwards-Smajda, Auto Trader Retailer & Consumer Products Director said: “It’s clear that the Kia Sportage is a big hit with used car buyers and it’s not surprising given how popular the new one is. When Kia launched an all-new version of the model at the beginning of this year it ranked ninth in the top 10 best-selling new cars in February and secured record orders, pushing Kia to a record new car market share of 3.46% in February. Clearly it’s had a knock-on effect on used models too.

What makes these award winning vehicles so appealing to drivers? One reason may be the generous seven-year warranty on all its new cars and that coupled with fixed-servicing deals makes the experience more transparent. Crossovers are also increasingly proving to be one of the most popular body styles with consumers, with the cost of ownership of Sportage is considered to be one of the most competitive in its class.

Stephen Kitson, Communications Director, Kia UK added: “The Kia Sportage is the car every dealer wants to put on their forecourt thanks to a turnaround time that is half that of any other car. The Sportage has been the most in demand approved used car in the network and we know it has been a great success in the past year. We expect this to continue thanks to the outstanding success of the new Kia Sportage”.