The Kia Soul EV goes into production

12th June 2014

Production for Kia's new Soul electric vehicle (EV) has begun at the brand's Gwangju factory in South Korea. The vehicle boasts a certified EC range of up to 132 miles, and will see a release within the UK by the end of 2014 in a run of 5,000 cars.

The Soul EV claims zero emissions, and is the first electric vehicle from the company to be marketed outside of South Korea. It is powered by an 81.4kw electric motor, which produces 285Nm of torque. It can reach 0-60mph in less than 11.2 seconds and has a top speed of 90mph. The vehicle has been designed with ease of handling in mind, and the battery pack has been positioned beneath the cabin in order to establish a low centre of gravity.

With a full charging time of five hours using a 6.6kw AC charger, the Soul EV can be plugged in to any available standard household electricity supply. Stronger power outlets reduce the charge time - if a 100kw charger is available, a full battery can be achieved in as little as 25 minutes.

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