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What is Lookers Leasing?

Lookers Leasing is a dedicated service with the purpose of meeting all the requirements of any fleet irrespective of size or location.

With decades of experience working with corporate, public sector and SME clients, we are ideally placed to assist you in funding and running your vehicles.

From vehicle funding through to a full range of fleet management services we are able to provide a service to help our clients run their fleets both efficiently and economically.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lookers Fleet Services offers fleet management and consultancy services. Challenges traditional thinking and gives customers total flexibility across its range of services.
  • Our scale and reach combined with years of experience, are designed to deliver maximum value for customers.
  • Our success in achieving this goal is reflected in the fact we are chosen to support a growing number of fleets across the UK. Irrespective of whether you currently obtain your contract hire vehicles via Lookers Leasing, you can still take advantage of our range of services.

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Receiving a Car Allowance from your employer?

Lookers Leasing have a perfect solution for drivers who receive an allowance instead of a company vehicle. With no deposit requirement and including full maintenance with tyres it is the ultimate way to drive a new vehicle.

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