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Go the extra mile with the Mercedes-Benz Mile Tracker App

Lookers Mercedes-Benz Business Solutions are proud to promote the Mercedes-Benz Mile Tracker App - the first app to help support your everyday business car travel.

This new app tracks the mileage and summarises journey details as well as locates your vehicle for you once you have parked.

The free Mile Tracker App is available for iPhone and Android users. It offers the GPS-based Mileage Tracker, Journey Log and Local My car function, and for Mercedes-Benz drivers includes an innovative feature, the Fuel Finder.

Important Features:

  • GPS Mileage Tracker: Enables you to start, pause and save a journey, then review it on a map and add any additional costs, such as parking and tolls – a solution designed specifically with business car drivers in mind.
  • Journey Log: Contains all of your tracked journeys and lets you review any single journey. Reports can then be edited, for example, to change the name of a route, add expenses, duplicate the route or email the details to up to three preferred addresses for reference.
  • Locate My Car: For parking in an unfamiliar area, or when you want a reminder ahead of your ticket expiry time, this function allows you to save your car's location on the app's map and also set a ticket time reminder using your phone's in-built functionality. When returning to your vehicle, you simply press the 'route' button to be shown the quickest way back to the car.
  • Fuel Finder*: Using your phone's built-in GPS you can locate your five nearest fuel stations anywhere in the UK, comparing each by distance, brand, up-to-date fuel prices** and whether fuel cards are accepted. Alternatively, the manual search functionality can be used to plan a cost-effective fuel stop ahead of time.

Terms & Conditions

* Exclusive to Mercedes-Benz drivers only
** Prices are based on each fuel station's average daily cost