Top 20 Craziest Car Search Terms

Where would we be without the internet? Whether you are searching for a train timetable, shiny new shoes or even a shiny new car, search engines will oblige with providing many options for you. To be precise, on Google alone there are 40,000 search queries per second, resulting in over 3.5 billion searches per day.

And speaking of cars, searches involving this keyword are very popular with thousands completed every month in the UK alone. Along with more routine searches such as “buy a car online”, there are many others which may surprise you. How about “Why does my car smell like a wet dog?” or more bizarrely “what’s the best car for the zombie apocalypse?” Really?

Now, using the latest and most sophisticated research techniques (a quick fire poll round the office), our Lookers digital team has selected their favourite of the more ‘out there’ search terms.

Spoiler alert….yes, keying a car is criminal damage. Very much so.

1. Can I carry a gun in my car

2. My car smells like something died.

Best see above

3. Can I drive barefoot?

The answer is apparently yes. Who knew.

4. Can I drive on valium? Erm, no, not to be recommended. Unless you want to break the law that is. And if that’s your thing best talk to number 12

5. Can I carry a bat in my car? We suspect users weren’t referring to furry nocturnal creatures with this search …

6. Best car to attract girl. Well if you need to ask there are over 40 million results to help you.Good luck with that. In the spirit of honesty though, it’s probably not the car preventing you from getting the girl…

7. Best car for bank robbery? Probably shouldn't say…

8. How to get hit by a car and make it look like an accident. Scarily there werenearly 47 million results for this search term. Lots of material for would-be criminals!

9. How to steal my car from impound. Criminal tendencies making an appearance again. This has Murphy’s law written all over it. Or Darwin’s law. But not Jude Law. Unfortunately.

10. How to get a car unstuck from the mud. Em, not drive through mud? And if you do, that ‘bat’ (number 5) might come in handy!

11. Best car excuses to miss work. We’ve passed these results on to HR….

12. Best car for transporting drugs. We’ve passed these results on to HR…oops the authorities. Definitely the authorities.

13. Best car for the zombie apocalypse. Well it’s good to be prepared isn’t it? If Donald Trump can get this close to the White House, anything is possible

14. Is keying a car criminal damage? Just ask the woman in Aberdeen, recently charged with vandalism.

15. What type of car did Columbo drive? Bit of a classic as it turns out…

16. How to make my car like Kitt. Kitt, if you remember, is the car from the TV show Knight Rider, starring The ‘Hoff’. Fortunately there were no searches for ‘How to be like the Hoff’. Phew.

17. Why does my car smell like rotten egg. Why indeed? As it turns out the catalytic converter is the 'culprit'. Just like that time you blamed the dog.

18. My car looks ugly. Poor car. What has it ever done to you? Just as well Google is here to help you with 70 million results.

19. Can I drive with vertigo? Never mind drive, you won’t be able to walk!

20. How to name a car. Why not do a poll, ask the public and then ignore the name with the most votes. Oh, wait….