Money, Money, Money…£78m is rattling around in Britain's Cars

Scramble around your car and you may find more than you bargained for, from old receipts to clothing items, you never know what treasures (or not) are hiding in your car. Of course keeping loose change in your car always comes in handy – you never know when you need to suppress your appetite, require an emergency fuel top up or pay for the parking.

According to research conducted by BlaBlaCar - a car sharing website - the average motorist has around £2.60 somewhere in their car, be it in a cup holder, lodged down the back of a seat or the inaccessible crevice between the seat and the armrest.

That £78 million, which is almost twice as much as the £40 million that could be lost for eternity down the sides of Britain’s sofas according to research by Halifax could buy: 374 of the Ferrari 458; the world’s most expensive flat, at One Hyde Park in London; or three Big Macs for each person in London. If you're willing to push the boat out a little further, you could actually get a private jet or a yacht.

The survey also revealed which other items have taken refuge in nation’s cars, surprising enough, some people actually store gloves in their car’s glove box and we thought that compartment was for stuff you can’t fit in the door storage.

The most common item was old CDs and mixtapes, with 30 per cent of the 1,000 drivers questioned saying that are sentimental about throwing away their music.

Mints came in a close second place with 22%, followed by the aforementioned gloves (15 per cent).

In fourth place, 11 per cent of drivers say they keep pens that have run out of ink – although no one could explain why.

You never know when nature is going to call so the “be prepared” brigade rounds out the top five of the leader board with 4% of respondents saying they keep a roll of toilet paper in their glove box.

Alice Ackermann, communications manager at ridesharing service BlaBlaCar UK, said: “These figures go to show that we should pay more attention to our small change. Every penny counts when trying to save money on travel, so our gloveboxes are a great place to look for long-forgotten cash.”

By Noman Kenneth