Are these the hardest car brands to pronounce?

You say Skoda, and I say Schkoda but before we call this whole thing off, let’s take a look at some of hardest car brands to pronounce.

Why are car brands so difficult to pronounce? Well, if all cars were British and named after Ted Baker we might not be writing this post, but with many cars on the market coming from international countries, there is bound to be some confusion with accent marks and mixed up letters.

Fear not, with Lookers' helpful guide to car brands, you will now be able to put all future debates to an end with the car-rect pronunciation.


It's not pronounced "Or-dee", but "Ow-dee

Origin – Germany

Meaning – Listen 


Another confusing accent, non-Dutch speakers will be unfamiliar with. So we'll use three English words that might help you pronounce it correctly. Try SIT-ROW-IN

Origin – Netherlands

Meaning - lemons


Da-cia, Day-see-a... Which is it?

Neither, it's Dat-cha

The Romanian car manufacturer takes its name from the historic region that makes up present-day Romania. It has been a subsidiary of the French car manufacturer Renault since 1999.

Origin – Romania

Meaning – From the south


Another French tongue twister. Ok, now try saying this seriously, without laughing. poo-ZHO

Origin – France

Meaning – little hill 


Named after a German family name, and although at first sight you think it’s a one syllable word, it’s definitely not. Think of the Shakespearean heroine Portia, that might help.  PORSCH-uh.

Origin – Germany

Meaning – small sausage (German) and pig (Latin)


It helps to try saying this with a French accent, without the ‘L’ or ‘T’ at the end. Ray-NO

Origin – France

Meaning - beautiful

​Škoda ​

One of those brands you see in various forms online and on paper (with the accent, all capitals etc.) but how is it actually pronounced? Well, the accent, which is called a ‘caron’ situated above the ‘s’ determines this. It should be pronounced as schhkoda.

Origin: Czechoslovakia

Meaning: apparently a nickname denoting someone who was accident-prone. 


Probably the most German sounding car brand, you might get your 'v's and 'w's mixed up but the best way to separate it isVOLKS-wa-guhn.

Origin – Germany

Meaning – people’s car

Now, spread the word. The correct word.