At the end of a rainbow you’ll find…

a pothole

​If you are a road user, especially in the UK, chances are you will loathe pot holes. A major issue in this country and after being swept away by the recent floods, the roads are expected to be in worse condition. Local councils struggle to keep up with repairs and an increasing number of motorists are left to pay for the damage, surely there must be more that can be done?

A beacon of hope arrives on National Pothole Day which takes place on 15th January 2016. Organised by, an award-winning initiative set up by Colin Mahoney with no funding or marketing budget whatsoever.

Colin said “after the success of the 2015 #NationalPotholeDay campaign many thousands of our followers and supporters have asked us to highlight the seriousness of this major problem yet again, social media played a major role in last year’s Pothole day. I can honestly say that public sentiment is still very high in relation to this major ongoing issue and things are set to get worse. More than 88% of reports made by the public to the Street Repairs website relate to potholes”

Recent research by LV=Road Rescue has shown that over the past year, one in seven drivers have had their car damaged as a result of driving on potholed or uneven road surfaces.

It was also found to be a very expensive matter, costing the average driver £267 to repair tyres, suspension and wheel rims.

The research which was carried out in November 2015 also highlighted due to a significant lack of council funding, there are now 12,000 miles of roads awaiting repair up and down the country – and 31,162 potholes in need of attention. 



  1. Blackwater Valley Road, Ash Vale, Surrey (31 claims)
  2. Page Street (NW7), London (24 claims)
  3. Halifax Road, Sheffield (22 claims)           
  4. Westfield Road, Edinburgh (19 claims)
  5. Great Cambridge Road, Hertfordshire (13 claims)

In 2015, councils reported to have paid out a total amount of more than £1.6m in compensation to motorists who suffered vehicle damage as a result of potholes. This is in addition to each council spending around £5m in the same period to try to fix the roads.

Although it may seem like we are all sinking into this big black pothole, we can only hope that awareness from this national day helps fills the void.

You can support the national campaign started by two lads who wish to make the UK a better place with better roads by clicking here:

To report a pothole using their FREE national street and road fault reporting website and mobile app, click here: http://http// - one website which all residents of the UK can use to report potholes to any authority, at any time.