Audi Teesside to the rescue! ​​

Lookers came to the rescue last week when staff at Teesside Audi braved near arctic conditions to provide vital transportation to doctors and nurses struggling to get to work at James Cook University Hospital.

It was Jamie Lawrence, Assistant Service Manager at the dealership, who mentioned the idea to Head of Business Seamus Watson following news of an Amber weather warning across the North East.

Considering how this could impact on our local services, Seamus instructed his team to create a series of social media posts calling out to staff at the hospital to get in touch should they be struggling to get to work with the snow.

It wasn’t long before the distress calls came in thick and fast, with staff dashing out in various Audi Quattros, a car almost built to take on the treacherous conditions, to make sure hospital staff could make it in on time.

Seamus Watson said: “Knowing how vital it was that our doctors and nurses were able to get to work, providing them with a lift was the very least we could do. Initially there were only about half a dozen responses to our offer, then social media just went crazy and we had hundreds of people messaging us.

“In the end we were able to make twelve runs transporting staff to the hospital and then home again where required during the course of yesterday evening and again today, with the Audi Quattro being the perfect car to take on the ice and snow.”