“Where we’re going we don’t need roads”

It was a cold wet night in October 1985 when a young Marty McFly and his bonkers friend Doc put the date of October 21 st 2015 into their De Lorean time machine in Back to the Future II. Watching this as a kid you got excited at the thought of flying cars, hover boards, self-tying trainers and giant robots. This was the future but today finally marks the present as we reach Back to the Future Day!

In the film Director Robert Zemeckis made some outrageous predictions, but surprisingly he actually came quite close to reality. In the film we hear Doc tell Marty “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads” and as they travel to 2015 we see why as cars fly through the air. OK so we might not yet have flying cars but we are on the cusp of having the self-driving car and last year Slovakian company Aeromobil showcased the Aeromobil 2.5 a car that could take off into the skies, although we never actually seen this in real time.

Being a kid watching the film one of the most exciting things was seeing Marty run from Bif and his gang on a flying hover board. This year Lexus introduced their version of the hover board which uses magnetic plates. Skater Tony Hawk is also set try reveal the Hendo Hover board today, unfortunately both can’t get you away from baddies as they only float on special metallic substances.

Robots were a big part of the film with police drones helping to catch criminals and robotic fuel attendants. We may not yet have robotic attendants at our fuel pumps but with the rise of electric vehicles this surely won’t be very far away in the future.

Doc and Marty didn’t get it all right though, sadly we don’t yet have barcode number plates or an energy converter that turns rubbish into fuel, but how good would that be?? We also haven’t yet seen the self-tying trainer although Nike has released some very cryptic tweets today suggesting a big announcement may be on the way! We also don’t have dog walking drones although we do have dogs in handbags! But the one thing that hasn’t yet happened that is probably the most disappointing is the pizza hydrator where a tiny pizza is put in the oven and comes out massive piping hot and fresh! C’mon Dominoes get the finger out!

As the world celebrates Back to the Future Day Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd have teamed up with Toyota in a short video to reminisce of their time travelling days. The video shows the two stars talking about how some of their predictions have come true while we see a fan driving around round some of the old haunts such as Marty’s house and the famous clock tower in Marty’s old Toyota truck. The big question thought that is on everyone’s lip on this famous day is – will there be a Back to the Future IV?

By Jenna Niblock