The Journey Begins...

16th March 2015

Top Gear might be off the schedules, but my Barcelona drive for the British Heart Foundation is most definitely on!

It’s a lovely day in Manchester (which is to say – it’s not raining), and the car is all loaded and ready to go. I took it for a quick wash yesterday, so it’s all clean and sparkling for a few photos.

The Audi A6 which will take Chris throughout Europe

Michelle Bailey from the BHF will be heading over for the send-off from Head Office later this morning, and my family are also taking the opportunity to have a Big Day Out in Stretford – so no doubt my three nephews will be temporarily using the car interior as a playground!

Once I’ve managed to clear them out, I’ll be on the open road, and the first stop will be the British Heart Foundation’s Head Office in Birmingham to meet their Head of Fundraising… as well as ‘Mr Hearty’ (?!).

Then it’s on to an overnight stop in Ashford, ready to jump on the train for the Eurotunnel first thing tomorrow.

The route will then take me to Le Mans, Clermont-Ferrand, Carcassonne, and then on into Spain, where I’ll be staying over in Barcelona for two nights.

The journey back will then take me to Montpellier, followed by Reims, before a final stint straight back to Manchester.

That’s the plan… let’s hope it goes smoothly and to schedule!

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Check out the great work that the British Heart Foundation do at, and if you’d like to donate:

By Chris Worth