Car Reunited!

When you think of your first car does that memory take you to a happy place where you recall the excitement of taking it for a spin with friends, music blaring through wound-down windows? Or perhaps you may re-live the (too) many times you had to call your Dad to come and tow you home after yet another breakdown.

Well, now is your chance to be reunited with that very same car, courtesy of Direct Line. Launching the 'First car, first love' competition the company has offered to source one driver's original vehicle and restore it for them. All entrants have to do is complete a small questionnaire and then explain why they loved this car so much.

According to the insurer, more than a third of UK motorists say their first car was the one they loved most, with the Mini Cooper being the car of choice for many first time drivers.

Of the 1,298 quizzed as part of the study, 13 per cent said they were so connected with their first car that they even gave it a name. Two fifths said that their first car made them feel 'cool' and an overwhelming 74 per cent agreed that the freedom their first car gave them changed their life.

Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line said: 'Our research shows that more than a third of the nation fell in love with their first car, which is why we are giving drivers the chance to win back their first car.

'We’ll track down the original vehicle, where possible, and even fix it up so it’s restored to its former glory.'

Do you remember your first car? What was it and would you like to be reunited?

By Tracey McBain