Cheaper Fuel? There’s an app for that!

Diesel and petrol prices dropped below £1 for the first time since 2009, but the savings for drivers might not end there according to the RAC as the price of oil drops further, the lowest for 11 years.

The RAC said a recent announcement from Saudi Arabia confirming its commitment to oil production could see a continuation of oversupply and keep fuel below £1 for the early part of the year - predicting prices could fall another 10p.

RAC spokesman Pete Williams said: 'The lion's share of the price we pay at the pump, around 75 per cent, goes to the Treasury in duty and VAT. The rest of the price is production, refinery costs, distribution and the fuel retailers' margins.’

As we settle into the New Year and start pinching, here are 3 apps for android and IOS that could help you save some money on fuel costs by locating the cheapest fuel prices near you.

WhatGas- Free

A free app for both iOS and Android, WhatGas shows you all nearby petrol stations, and the prices of every type of fuel they sell. Simply tap on the station you want and all of their prices are displayed.

While the app is easy to use, it relies on users updating the prices, so while some stations show a price from today or yesterday, others may be several weeks or even months out of date.

The AA – Free but requires membership

The app works by first identifying your location. AA Fuel Prices UK then checks the 10 closest fuel stations and ranks the cheapest five. The results are colour coded – green is the cheapest, red the most expensive. Once the cheapest one has been selected the app will provide directions to the selected petrol station.

CoPilot Premium UK & Ireland - £13.99 - iOS and Android

The most expensive one out of our list, CoPilot Premium not only offers local fuel prices but also a navigation system. It was voted for AutoExpress’ 2014 app of the year and has excellent reviews across both mobile operating platforms.

Once you’ve got yourself some fuel you can always track your MPG and running costs for your car. Below are 3 apps that can help you do just that.

Gas Manager – Free

Gas manager allows you to create an in-depth analysis of your expenses, consumption and mileage. It also allows you to export this data as a CSV file should you feel the need to do some more data crunching. You can also make use of the geolocation feature, if you’re prone to losing your car in car park and if you’re going green, you will love the fact that the carbon footprint can also be calculated, depending on the vehicle’s consumption.

Car Care - £1.99

Lets you input maintenance costs plus fill-ups, the data entry process is a little more complicated, and we don’t like the fact you have to search for costs – mpg is the main focus on this app. You can also pretend to be an F1 driver by using the pitstop feature, which times your fill-up.

TripLog – Mileage Log Tracker, Free but requires in app purchases

We like that it automatically starts tracking mileage when travelling above 5mph when plugged into your car and stops when disconnected. You can also see parking locations nearby and you can access the data on web or mobile devices.

By Noman Kenneth