Closing the Garage Door?

What would you do with your garage?

Are we giving up on our garages? A recent survey certainly seems to suggest that’s the case with only 22 per cent of owners now parking their car in one. Nearly 4 million garages have been converted into living space during the past 20 years, meaning more than two thirds of drivers are parking their cars outdoors overnight.

According to Sainsbury’s Car Insurance the most common repurposing of garages has been for home owners to use as workshops, closely followed by those who need extra office space and larger living areas. Indeed this seems to confirm the trend that has developed over the past few years that has seen homeowners extend or re-model their homes rather than move.

While this is good news for those looking to create the perfect home, or provide an infrastructure to work from home, where does it leave the nation’s vehicles?

More than half (51 per cent) of all car owners park on the drive, 18 per cent leave their car parked on the street overnight and eight per cent use an allocated parking space. One per cent said they park 'elsewhere'.

Scott Gorman, of Sainsbury's Car Insurance said: 'Overnight parking can affect the premiums you pay with some insurers. Most insurers like cars kept in garages overnight and this can dramatically cut your premium.'

The survey was responded to by 2,004 car owners from all over the UK.

Keep your car safe and securing overnight:

  • Always lock your vehicle and close the windows and the sunroof
  • Don’t leave valuables on display. Items such as sat navs, luggage and personal belongings should be removed. Remember to use the boot - and lock it!
  • Lock away jackets and coats in the boot, too. Your car will appear more attractive to thieves If it looks like you’re trying to conceal items.
  • If parking on the street, try and pick a well-lit, open location
  • Use an alarm, and/or tracking device. Even a steering lock will act as a deterrent to a thief

By Tracey McBain