Is Driving Childs Play? 'Young Drivers' Think So!

An early plan of the childrens car

A proto-type car designed just for children is due to be revealed at the Gadget Show in Birmingham.

A brand new car created by motoring experts is due to launch for the first time. While new cars are released regularly throughout the year, what makes this launch unique is its target market. Aimed at children in the five to 10 age bracket, the state-of-the-art vehicle - the first of its kind - will feature twin electric motors, disc brakes, independent suspension, and an innovative system that detects obstacles and stops the car to avoid collisions.

Members of the public will see a sneak preview of the car’s proto-type design at the NECC Birmingham, with youngsters being given the opportunity to test drive one of four working chassis. Any feedback will then be taken into account in the final production phase.

This early version will be able to reach speeds of up to 10mph, however, on the finished car a clever safety mechanism will ensure the car cuts out automatically if it is in danger of a collision. Parents will also be able to utilise a remote control to stop the car if necessary.

Styled by car designer Chris Johnson (who has over 30 years’ experience in automotive and product design), production of the unique vehicles has been managed by Young Driver Motor Cars Limited who offer driving lessons to under-17s.

Kim Stanton, director of Young Driver, said: “This is not a toy, it is very definitely a small car! We’ve had children involved throughout its development, working with the designers and engineers to ensure that it provides a realistic driving experience. The Gadget Show will allow us to get a wider cross section of ages and sizes behind the wheel, trying out our final pre-production models.”

Due to officially launch in May this year, youngsters will be able to drive the vehicle at selected Young Driver venues across the UK. The process is expected to replicate real road conditions as much as possible with infrastructure which will allow the young drivers to try their hand at everything from manoeuvring, junctions and traffic lights to reversing and parking.

Young Driver will be at the Gadget Show, NEC, from 31st March to 3rd April, where 5-10s will be able to try the new vehicle.

By Tracey McBain