Driving through the Heart of France - La Deuxième Partie

18th March 2015

Inside the huge cathedral, I was looked down on by saints and sinners, pictured in numerous and intricate stained glass windows, while someone practiced the organ - very badly. With intermittent bum notes following me around like a bad smell, it was almost like being in a comedy sketch. I wouldn't have been at all surprised if Dave Allen suddenly appeared from the wings in full religious garb, swinging a candelabra around his head as he high kicked it down the altar steps with a bunch of 'nuns'. Alas, that didn't happen...

The church was chilly, so it was out side into the warm sunshine and a quick walk around the cobbled mediaeval streets and into the new town, with pavement cafes full to bursting in the warm afternoon sun with people watchers and espresso drinkers.

IMG_20150317_080855566_HDR (2).jpg

The Audi A6 has landed!

Le Mans definitely plays up to its racing heritage, with memorabilia everywhere and even bronze hand prints of race winners adorning one of the squares. I guess its the automotive equivalent of going to Memphis and seeing nothing but Elvis!

After a brief wander, it was on to the overnight stop a few miles out... down the famous Mulsanne straight (part of the racetrack, although speeds are somewhat reduced in rush hour) and into Mulsanne itself.

My hotel overlooks a corner if the racetrack, but today its busy with commuters heading home, rather than outrageous racing machines testing the limits of downforce and speed.Tomorrow there'll be a quick pit stop at the Le Mans 24h museum, before the onward journey to Clermont-Ferrand (luckily not Chernobyl as my predictive text was suggesting there!).

IMG_20150317_162800861_HDR (2).jpg In homage to 'Le Mans'

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