We Have the Driverless Car, Now Say Hello to the Flying Car!

16th October 2014

Doc, and Marty took off in their De Lorean in Back to the Future II, Sandy and Danny escaped Rydell High in their Ford Deluxe in Grease and Harrison Ford was chased by them in Bladerunner - flying cars are something we have all dreamed off but never really believed it would happen. Now though if you have a spare couple of hundreds of thousands of pounds you could have your very own real life flying car.

On the 29th of October this year at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria the world will witness possibly the first ever real life flying car, and it wasn't created by an American. Slovakian company Aeromobil are set to showcase their production ready flying car at the event, and judging by the videos the aeromobil 2.5 may soon be taking over the skies Fifth Element style!

The Aeromobil 2.5 is a prototype car that can drive on city streets, park in tight spots and take to the skies with the touch of a button. The 'flying car' has a 27ft wingspan when in flight mode, when in the skies the car can reach a top speed of 124mph and has a cruising range of 430 miles. The creators have said that the flying car will consume around 15 litres of fuel per hour when in flight mode and 12.5 while driving meaning it could be cheaper to run than some top of the range cars. The man behind the flying car Stefan Klein who previously worked with luxury automakers BMW and Audi, has been working on his design for the last 20 years, and has beat fellow flying car entrepreneurs Terrafugia to the post.

Terrafugia an American aircraft company have said they will release their version of the flying car the TF-X in 2016, after completing a successsful test on their prototype model last year. The TF-X is a four seat hybrid electric flying car that can reach a top speed of 200mph in the air and a 500 mile range. Dutch company Pal-V also claim to have created a flying car with the Pal-V One, a two seater hybrid car and gyroplane. The Pal-V is said to already be in production and deliveries will begin from 2016, it is thought these flying cars would cost in the range of £300,000.

The Pal-V ONE www.Pal-V.com

Although the videos and pictures of these cars all look great and I'm sure we would all love to be able to just press a button and take our car to the skies when we have had enough of the congested British roads, are they really going to work? It's not the first time someone has tried to take their car to the skies, in 1919 Glenn Curtiss invented the Curtiss Autoplane widely believed to be the first attempt at a flying plane. Although the Curtiss Autoplane managed to lift off the ground it never achieved full flight. In the 1940's Moulton Taylor of Washington created the Aerocar thought to be the most successful attempt at a flying car, Moulton even got approval from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), but sadly the Aerocar never fully took off, on road or air. There is sure to be many sceptics of the new batch of flying cars, but the truth is it could very possibly be reality, we never thought we would see a driverless car on our roads did we?

So remember the next time you're sitting in a never ending traffic jam going nowhere fast, look above and imagine hitting the fly button and taking off into the sky - you just need to win the lottery first!

By Jenna Niblock