Government issues Myth Busting Electric Car Report

A new government report has busted myths related to electric car ownership and patterns of use.

Drawing on research from almost 50 UK and international sources the data suggests significant change in the way motorists use and own plug-in vehicles. It may surprise you to learn over 80% of households who own Ultra Low Emission Vehicle's (ULEV) use it as a main vehicle.

The report also confirmed that ULEV usage is not restricted to only short-distance journeys. Where an ULEV is used as the main car, the average annual mileage is around 8,850 miles. Surprisingly this is higher than the average for all British cars of 8,430 miles, according to National Travel Survey data.

Crucially, the findings indicate that most ULEV owners are delighted with their driving experience. In a trial, 90% said they would recommend an electric vehicle to others. The data suggests that these owners would buy another plug-in vehicle in the future.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “As this report shows, plug-in vehicles are cheap to run, can be used every day and owner satisfaction is incredibly high.

“More and more families and businesses are choosing plug-in cars and vans to help them get on in life. The government is investing £500 million over the next five years in ultra low emission vehicles, innovative technology and charging infrastructure to support jobs and growth and keep Britain as a global leader for ULEVs."

By Tracey McBain