Trick or Treat? Our Top 5 Halloween Cars.

Hubble bubble toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. This Halloween avoid witches, zombies and all things ghoulish and instead look for a car that will cast a spell over you. Read on for some great treats; they will leave you purring like a witches black cat.

F-Type Jaguar

Spirit yourself away in the stunning F-Type Jaguar. Bold, beautiful and utterly beguiling, the combination of superior design with thrilling edge performance gives this Coupe instant and lasting timeless appeal.

Choose from one of three dynamic options – all offering superior performance and handling. With sensational road presence you will be sure to have a memorable and 'fang-tastic' time driving the F-Type Jaguar.

Audi Black Edition

Is it a low flying bat? No, it's the dazzling Black Edition Audi A4. Based on the S Line model, it includes a sporty bodykit, large alloy wheels and lowered suspension. Thrilling on the outside and stunning on the inside, the A4 Black Edition combines exceptional comfort and contemporary design.

Including leather seats, this is one car that will be enjoyed well past the witching hour.

Citroen Cactus

If family motoring is more your thing and you are looking for a safe yet stylish way to drive your little monsters to their Halloween party, then consider the sublime Citroen Cactus. Funky design meets practicality with this compact SUV. Choose from a range of high-performing engines – all designed to lower emissions and drive the cost of motoring down. Sink your teeth into one that delivers some 'bite'!

Smart Fortwo

Looking to nimbly zip past zombies? Or give ghouls the slip? The Smart Fortwo will allow you to cut across town easily and in style. Effortless to park, handle and loaded with character the Fortwo also delivers low running costs which appeals to a wide range of drivers. This three door mini-vehicle also offers decent boot space – perfect for carrying shopping. Leave the broom at home and instead travel in style with the Fortwo.

Volkswagen Beetle(Juice)

The iconic Beetle from Volkswagen will allow you to avoid a fright night with superior reliability, iconic style and blood-tingling performance. Retaining the signature shape of the original design it noticeably stands out from other cars on the road. The Beetle is an enduringly popular car with plenty of charm, personality and a strong pedigree. Choose from a range of high-performing engines and you will be howling at the moon with pleasure.

By Tracey McBain​.