Looking for a Luxury Car? Better pop into Harrods!

Harrods, one of the most well-known prestigious brands in the world, has a reputation for selling a range of luxury items - high-end food to opulent jewellery and designer wear to name just a few. Well, now the Knightsbridge based retailer can add cars to its range, with the announcement that British car manufacturer Caterham is teaming up with Harrods to launch the ‘Seven.’

The special edition will be sold exclusively in store at Harrods. Priced from £59,999 it’s finished in Harrods green, with white stripes with gold pinstripe run down the length of the car. Beneath the bodywork, the chassis has been powder-coated in gold.

Inside the cockpit, the butterscotch leather upholstery also reflects Harrods’ colour scheme, while the store name is embroidered on the seat backs and the Harrods ‘H’ adorns the gear knob.

Caterham’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Ridley, said: “The Caterham Seven has always been one of the easiest cars on the road to personalise, because every car is hand-built and bespoke for each customer.

“But now we’ve formalised the personalisation options available to our customers into the Caterham Signature programme, which will outline the almost infinite combinations of options you can select. You can even have your name stitched into the seat.

Guy Cheston, Media Director of Harrods, said: “Caterham is one of Great Britain’s most famous and instantly recognisable motoring brands and it has been a pleasure to partner with the team there to create this Harrods special edition of the legendary Seven.

“We wanted to make our Harrods car a real object of desire, so our Harrods touches are subtle and understated and, at the same time, reflect genuine quality.”

The Harrods Seven is on sale exclusively in the Knightsbridge store now.

By Tracey McBain