My Work Experience Week

My name is Kyle, I am 15 and attend Kirkintilloch High School where my favourite subjects are PE, Music and Geography. My Dad is Gordon Smart, Vehicle Progression Manager at Glasgow Audi in Hillington, and this week I have been spending time on-site to gain work experience.

Before I started I felt a little nervous however when I began to meet people I relaxed and felt more confident. The first person I met was Julie Russell in Recruitment and she took me through my timetable for the week. Julie was also very helpful in explaining where everything was and also the difference between the various departments in the building.

Through the week I spent time with different departments across the company. These included Development/Recruitment, New car stock control, Marketing, Hosts, Vehicle Progression, Sales, Digital Marketing, BM Admin and Renewals.

During my time with Digital Marketing I wrote this blog and posted it on the company web site.

My impression is that everyone works very hard and there always seems to be a friendly face to ask for help if it is needed.

My ideal job would be to work as a sports coach, however if that was not possible I would like to train to be a mechanic or a sales person.

What I enjoyed most about each department

New car stock control

Designing the cars on the configurator.


Checking facebook for inappropriate comments.


Meeting and talking to customers.


Seeing the customer’s facial expressions when they get their new car.

Vehicle progression

Checking the sold cars before the delivery to their new owners.

Digital marketing

Checking how many people have visited the websites.

BM Admin


I had a great week at Glasgow Audi and would like to thank: Stuart Alexander (General Sales Manager), Steven Russell (Vehicle Progression), Mark Arthur (Sales), Felix + Mhairi (Hosts), Julie Russell (Development/Recruitment), Garry Smith (New car stock controller), Louise Montgomery + her team (Marketing), Gordon Campbell, Tracey McBain + the Digital Marketing team, Sharon Kelly (BM Admin) and David Hamilton (renewals)

By Kyle Easdon