One Of A Kind Ferrari 458

We "Thought of You" guys when we came across this...

The most important sale of the 21st century has now commenced; Beliebers (and motorheads) please raid your coffers to be in the chance of owning the most essential motoring and musical memorabilia that has ever graced the auction room!

Do we hear you saying “Sorry, What Do You Mean?”

Wasn’t it Justin Bieber who notched up some 2 billion views trying to say “Sorry” on YouTube and another few billion with “Baby” and “Love Yourself”, Elvis never reached those heights!

Anyways to the car, it’s a custom Ferrari 458, the same one which was rear ended and garnered fame when it was left in a Beverly Hills hotel car park by Bieber after a night out in Hollywood. It was three weeks before he realised it was missing and a search party traced it back to Montage Hotel where the staff had assumed that it was left in the car park for his next planned visit.

It’s an unstated ‘Frozen Blue’, lovingly modified by the famous California-based West Coast Customs...think Pimp My Ride and Alvin Nathaniel Joiner better known as X to the Z Xzibit. It's also fitted with a wide body kit by Liberty Walk, which includes custom front splitter, side skirts and rear spoiler. The exterior is finished off with 20-inch wheels wrapped in WCC Inc. branded Continental tyres.

The wizardry of West Coast Customs continues insides where the seats are covered in black and white leather and the iconic yellow logo of Ferrari is now blue. There's is a custom 2000W stereo with a 10" subwoofer and “MB Quart separates” so you can blast Justin Bieber tunes as you drive to your destination after and "go to the left and you want to turn right" to your hearts content. The Ferrari 458 doesn't go "Overboard" in its tuning and sticks to the stock 570bhp.

Rumor has it that the 22 year old Canadian singer is on the look out for a Lamborghini after he met the company's CEO and test drove a Aventador Roadster.

The likelihood is that the Ferrari can be "All Yours" for more than it cost when it was new considering the new king of pop has graced it. If the price of his dirty milk glass is anything to go by, it'll cost considerably more.

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Photos Barret Jackson