‘One Way or Another’ 1Ds Liam had to have the Harry Potter Car.

Everyone has a celebrity crush. And it appears One Direction’s Liam Payne is no exception.

It was recently revealed that the singer, aged 22, is a massive fan of the Harry Potter movies – going so far as to throw a Hogwarts-themed birthday party, complete with a cake in the shape of a book of spells – earlier this year.

Now this self-confessed ‘geek’ has gone one stage further and bought Arthur Weasley’s car

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on the Radio One Breakfast Show, he said: “I bought the Harry Potter car and I put it in my garden. You know the blue car, the flying car? I bought one because I'm a bit of a geek.”

The 1960 Ford Anglia 105E featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Enchanted by Ron Weasley’s father Arthur, the car could fly, become invisible, and never run out of fuel. In the latter stages of the movie, the Anglia rescued Harry and Ron from Aragog and his family in the Forbidden Forest.

The singer also revealed that he completed the sorting hat test on fan site Pottermore to find out which house he would be in if he had been a pupil at Hogwarts “I did the test on the website,” he told Grimshaw. “My friend got Hufflepuff and I got Gryffindor. He was so annoyed.”

Liam's not the only One Direction member with an interest in film memorabilia. Louis Tomlinson apparently has life-sized statues of both Spiderman and Iron Man in his North London home's games room.