Songwriter hits the right notes for Lookers TV campaign

National retailer Lookers has launched its annual Big Sale TV advertisement campaign, which features one of the UK’s most talked about music stars.

The campaign is currently being aired on a variety of channels and features ‘Be There’ by Fyfe, AKA Paul Dixon, whose mix of folk and electronic music has received the attention of a host of music journalists.

The group is hoping that the musical ident will chime well with its customers across the country and become as instantly recognisable as other well-known advertising themes.

The Lookers Big Sale promotional campaign runs from December 27th until the end of January.

Paul Dixon, who has garnered much praise from reviewers in publications including The Guardian and Drowned in Sound, grew up in the suburbs of London and fell in love with music at a young age after picking up the violin at school before going on to sign his first record deal while at university.

Paul has released eight singles and three albums and is currently working on his fourth. His most recent project was a collaboration with violinist Iskra Strings on a record called ‘Extended Play’, which has achieved significant air play and has achieved over 1 million streams across Apple Music & Spotify.

On coming up with the concept for the Lookers track, Paul said: “Writing the song wasn’t too different to making any Fyfe track. In the creative discussions we had with Lookers, everyone was really supportive of the Fyfe sound and aesthetic, so it was more of a ‘do your thing’ brief which was really nice.

“I have seen the advert since it’s been put together and it’s great. It’s always surreal to see your music used in new contexts, especially ones that involve moving images, I guess it’s like giving songs a new world to occupy.”

Heike O’Leary, Group Marketing Director at Lookers, said: “Fyfe’s sound is a perfect match for Lookers and encapsulates the sense of freedom and adventure that we aimed to achieve when developing our campaign.”

You can listen and download ‘Be There’ by visiting