Supercar Season is Underway in the Capital

One of London’s wealthiest boroughs is playing host to a number of Ferraris, Bugattis, and other sports cars as millionaires descend upon Knightsbridge for the aptly named ‘supercar season’.

Many of these owners are thought to be wealthy drivers from across the Arab world who arrive in London to take a break from sweltering temperatures at home and while here proudly showcase their cars, the BBC reports.

Vehicles spotted on the streets of London have included a Mercedes AMG worth £70,000 and a gold Range Rover worth an estimated £150,000 .

A six-wheeled Mercedes thought to be worth up to £400,000 has also been seen driven around the streets of this affluent neighbourhood, as well as a bespoke spider-patterned, Ferrari 458 with an estimated value of over £200,000.

The drama has drawn in car fans and observers from around London and beyond, which means that on a Saturday night in parts of the borough, the noise from the engines and spectators can continue into the small hours. Now the local council may introduce a "supercar ASBO" in a bid to end the disruption - and allow local residents a good night's sleep.

However Paul Wallace, who runs the Supercars of London YouTube channel, defended the presence of 'dream machines' charging around the capital.

“August always proves to be the best time of year for petrolheads to see their dream machines on the road and having seen the change in driving styles and cars, I still can't believe the police presence and residents kicking up a fuss. For four weeks out of 52, these super-wealthy individuals come and pump millions of pounds into the UK economy.”

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