Happy 90th Birthday to The Queen

...for the second time this year.

In case you're wondering if you're suffering from a case of Déjà vu or if it's been a really quick year since the Queen's last birthday, we thought we would try and clarify some facts for you.

First fact:

The Queen has two birthdays - the Queen's date of birth was 21st April 1926 but her official birthday is celebrated on the second Saturday of June.

This year, the Queen's official birthday will fall on Saturday 11th June.

Second fact:

This is a tradition going back centuries in the British monarch and is connected to the unreliable UK weather. And people say the Brits are obsessed with weather?!

An example to confirm this can be seen with Edward VII who was born on 9th November 1841, but his official birthday was a;ways marked in May and June during his reign.

Some other facts for you...

Did you know the Queen is the only person in the UK who is permitted to drive without a licence?

She has been driving licence-free since the Second Would War, where she operated a first-aid truck for the Women’s Auxillary Territorial Service.

For the Queen’s big nine-oh, we’re doing a major throwback and going back to 1926 – the year of Her Majesty’s birth. We found some motoring milestones as well as other brilliant British momentous occasions.

The Queen at the Olympics in a Range Rover State Review Hybrid

10 facts from 1926:

1. Winnie the Pooh, written by A.A. Milne, published

2. First public demonstration of the television by John Logie Baird.

3. Rover Tourer 16/50 released

4. David Attenborough born May 8th.

5. The first-ever British Grand Prix was held at the Brooklands circuit in Weybridge, Surrey.

6. Gertrude Ederle swam the English Channel

7. Road Fund re-directed to the Railways by Winston Churchill, then Chancellor of the Exchequer

8. First year that official road accident figures were published

9. In this year motorists could take to the road without sitting a driving test

10. The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon is destroyed by fire.

Since then, the Queen has been driven in the best of the British car manufacturers over the decades. To celebrate her 63 years as a Monarch – the longest reign ever – we put together a collection of the Royal family’s favourite wheels. See Favourite Cars of the Royal Family

From the Royal state cars including Rolls Royces, Damlers, Bentleys to personal ‘run-arounds’ Land Rovers and Jaguars. Of course, they are all going to be British.

Earlier this month, the Queen’s unique Bentley Mulsanne went on sale for a staggering £200,000 on Autotrader.

Made exclusively for the Queen by Bentley in Crewe, the Royal automobile featured various upgrades included walnut burr veneered picnic tables, door panels and rear quarter vanity mirrors – for those last minute touch ups!

You might have recognised the royal wheels from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration or from her unique visit to 10 Downing Street where she attended her first-ever cabinet meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The new owner might wish to reset the driver information and satellite navigation system, which still had Windsor set as the home address. Or maybe, they’d like to keep it, for the novelty Royalty factor.

Queen's Bentley Mulsanne hits the market for £200,000