The Icona Vulcano...

Gone are the days when a Ferrari or a Lamborghini will give you the bragging rights on the road – If you really want to stand out from the crowd – you need one of these.

A £2.16 million, all titanium, handcrafted supercar called the Icona Vulcona.

A car that looks like somewhat of a cross between a Lexus LFA and something formed in Bruce Wayne’s bat cave – but we’re not complaining. 0 – 60 mph is reached in just 2.8 seconds and the Vulcona eats up the ground all the way up to 220mph. Thanks to the work of Claudio Lambardi, former powertrain director at Ferrari.

Oh! Did we mention that the 6.2 litre V8 engine can be tuned to over well over 1000bhp?

However, don’t get too excited even if you do happen to have £2.16 million spare, this one of a kind is never to be repeated according to Icona.

Finished in a highly unusual but stunning naked titanium, it signifies more than 10,000 hours of handcrafted work by CECOMP while carbon fiber compliments the aesthetics and structure.

Icona's design director Samuel Chuffart says: "As different ideas came together, the most challenging design issue which we faced was how to create a balance between power and beauty.

"When you’re trying to create a feeling of aesthetic harmony, you risk creating too many sweet lines, which decreases the feeling of power.

"On the other hand, if you make too much of the powerful features which are necessary to a supercar such as its cooling cutouts and blades which manage the air flow, they become graphically too dominant, and this makes the car less beautiful.

"The way we found the right balance was usually by looking for the greatest simplicity."​

Inspired by the world’s fastest plane, the titanium-made Sr-71 blackbird, the Icona Vulcano effortlessly blends together the beauty and beast, delivering an unrivalled supercar experience. It uses a consistent theme of triangles set in horizontal symmetry, indicative of the Icona logo.