Volvo Cars to go all electric

It’s the end of the road for the internal combustion engine at Volvo, as the carmaker announces all new models will have an electric motor from 2019.

Volvo’s future is electrifying as the car maker plans to produce electric-only motors from 2019.

That’s right, in just two years’ time, any new car launched by the premium car maker will come electrified, signalling a new road for the automotive industry.

The Chinese-owned firm has been recognised for its innovative technology and advanced safety features, but it has now become the first traditional car manufacturer to fully embrace electrification by signalling the end of the internal combustion engine.

However, earlier models built with pure combustion engines, will still be produced. To view some of the current models available, visit Lookers Volvo.

Volvo Cars T8 Twin Engine Range

Volvo cars plans to launch five fully electric cars between 2019 and 2021 which we will receive details in the near future.

The President and Chief Executive of Volvo Car, Håkan Samuelsson said: “People increasingly demand electrified cars, and we want to respond to our customers’ current and future needs. You can now pick and choose whichever electrified Volvo you wish.”

Volvo cars made a statement to sell one million electric cars by 2025. Mr Samuelsson commented: “When we said it we meant it. This is how we are going to do it.”