What is a PDI Check?

How a Pre-Delivery Inspection gives peace of mind

The experience of driving away a car – whether it is new or used – is something most drivers look forward to. And having peace of mind is of course, something all car owners should expect. But did you know that behind the scenes there is a team of experts busily working to ensure you enjoy trouble-free motoring? At Lookers it goes something like this....

To ensure optimal performance we carry out a Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) on all new and used cars.

The PDI is a complete and thorough examination of every aspect of the car. A checklist of areas to be reviewed guides the process and while there are some variations between new and used cars the aim is ultimately the same. We want you to have confidence when driving that shiny vehicle away from our dealerships.

No car mat is left unturned in our pursuit of excellence. At Lookers Audi for instance, there are 145 unique checks carried out on used cars. These include checking reverse lights, AC controls, screen glass, bonnet alignment, conducting a road test and many many more (139 more to be exact). The benefit of this approach is that should any issues become clear they can be quickly addressed by on-site experts using approved parts.

And it doesn’t end there. Thereafter your car is sent to be valeted. And if you think you know what happens when your car is cleaned at one of our dealerships, then think again. At Lookers our methodical approach means that you enjoy the fruits of our labour. At this stage the vehicle is washed, wheels and arches polished and engine cleaned. Finally the interior is given a spring clean.

On the same day when you are scheduled to come in and collect your new car, a pre-handover check is the final piece of the PDI jigsaw. This will ensure that anything official such as Tax and MOT has been organised.

All that remains is for you to collect your PDI's car and enjoy the ride!

By Tracey McBain