What your job says about your driving

Stereotypes can be made very quickly on the road, usually down to age, gender and sometimes the vehicle. But now, we have actual evidence which indicates the best and worst drivers categorised by their occupation. This new research comes from insurer 1st Central which takes into account the number of accidents made by each type of profession.

Roofers, coincidentally, made the top. As the least accident prone, they were considered the best drivers by profession, according to 1st Central. Falling shortly behind were farm workers, builders and making 4th place were lorry drivers. So you might want to remember this the next time, you’re stuck behind a tractor on the A1 or when you’re trying to squeeze through motorway lanes occupied by lorries.

Occupations which you would think are used to taking calculated risks on a regular basis topped the worst drivers, according to 1st Central. Accountants were seen as the most accident prone with solicitors and doctors making second and third worst drivers by profession.

This raises the question ‘Does occupation have an effect on car insurance’. To answer this simply, yes, it does. In the same way your insurance premium is calculated depending on your age and address, your profession is also used as a key rating factor when calculating your premium. This is why it is important to pay attention to this detail, and ensure you answer it correctly.

Take a look at the list provided by 1st Central. Is your career steering you in the best or worst direction?

Top 10 worst drivers by profession, according to 1st Central:

1. Accountant

2. Solicitor

3. Doctor

4. Financial adviser

5. Letting agent

6. Airline cabin crew

7. Bank manager

8. IT manager

9. Pharmacist

10. Train driver

And the best:

1. Roofer

2. Farm worker

3. Builder

4. Lorry driver

5. Cleaner

6. Carpet fitter

7. Factory worker

8. Mechanic

9. Butcher

10. Painter and decorators