Will Dyson 'Hoover Up' the Electric Car Market?

Official documents suggest that British company Dyson have their sights set on developing an electric vehicle.

The business, already well-known for its range of innovative vacuum cleaners, heaters and hand driers, is apparently working on a solid-state battery which could potentially power cars with enough energy to travel further than those available on the market today.

Last year saw the eponymous company makes its first acquisition buying battery technology company Sakti3 in a deal estimated to be worth around £58 million. At the time Sir James Dyson was quoted as saying: “Sakti3 has developed a breakthrough in battery technology and together with Dyson we will make this technology a reality.”

Professor David Greenwood, from Warwick University, commented in the Guardian: "Dyson have some excellent product engineering and some excellent marketing skills, so could they follow the same path as Tesla? Well, yes, probably they could.

"The challenges of entering the automotive industry are absolutely not to be underestimated.

"But at least with an electric vehicle the barriers to entry are a bit lower that for an internal combustion engine vehicle [because] the latter have some horrendously complex legislation to meet around emissions, for instance, which are simply not a problem for electric vehicles as they do not have noxious emissions."

Reports suggest that the company is spending around £1 billion on developing the technology, with the idea of launching its own electric car somewhere in the near future.

The most well-known of Dysons inventions, the bagless vaucum cleaner, was inspired by air cyclones used in sawmills to suck up sawdust.

By Tracey McBain

Image courtesy of Eva Rinaldi