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New Nissan LEAF

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New Nissan LEAF

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NEW NISSAN LEAF - 100% Electric

Make your day to day simply amazing.

Go everywhere, further, in the New Nissan LEAF. Feel instant torque and smooth acceleration from the 100% electric motor, experience a smarter, safer, easier way to drive that gives you more confidence and a whole new sense of exhilaration. Switch to the advanced New Nissan LEAF.


Nissan Intelligent Mobility is transforming the relationship you have with your car. Imagine a vehicle that can use just one pedal to speed up, slow down and stop, parks on its own and helps warn you against risks coming up around you. With a range of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features, the New Nissan LEAF turns your normal drive into a sensational one.


Accelerate, brake and come to a complete stop all with one pedal. The effortless e-Pedal is all you need in the New Nissan LEAF. It's simple, fun and gives you more control too​.


Available on N-Connecta and above, Nissan ProPILOT can keep you centred, cover blind spots, speed up, slow down and bring you to a halt in traffic jams​.


Available on Tekna, ProPILOT Park can do the hard work for you. No hands, no feet - just press the button and sit back and enjoy the view. Parking is a spectator sport in the New Nissan LEAF.


Powering-up has never been quicker and easier with the New Nissan LEAF - and thanks to its new large-capacity battery, a single charge takes you further than ever before.​

Quick charge - up to 80% in 60 minutes**

Fast Home Charging - recharge in 7.5 hours at home**

Range (WLTP combined cycle) - up to 177 miles

Power output - 150 PS

​With the New Nissan Leaf, you can plan a flawless trip from A to B. And if you need a top up on the way, you can use our Quick Chargers in all Lookers Nissan dealerships for free. Find your nearest dealership here


Sharp and aerodynamic with its iconic floating roof and tapered nose, the New Nissan LEAF blends seamlessly with its environment. Thanks to its advanced aerodynamic design, the New Nissan LEAF slices through the air.


Spacious and smart with iconic blue accents and plush seats, the New Nissan LEAF's driver-centric cabin design welcomes you every time.

Unleash the power of your compatible smartphone with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto®. Once synced, your favourite features will be displayed on the New Nissan LEAF’s dash screen and you'll have easy access to the all the news, info and entertainment they have to offer.

** Time dependent on charging conditions, including Quick Charger type and condition, battery temperature and size as well as ambient temperature at point of use. Indicated semi-fast (home) charging time requires use of a 32A / 6.6kW (7kW) wall box. All charging times are shown for a 40kW battery.

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