Four Wheel Laser Alignment – Latest Car Wheel Alignment Technology
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Four Wheel Laser Alignment

If you notice irregular wear on your tyres, or the handling of your vehicle doesn't feel right, our team can check and realign your wheels, prolonging the life of your tyres. Regular wheel alignment can reduce uneven tyre wear, improve vehicle handling and lower fuel consumption.

At Lookers we use specialised equipment to ensure that your vehicle receives the best wheel alignment service and your wheels match the manufacturer’s settings. All our technicians have received thorough training on wheel alignment and implement key strategies to ensure that all vehicles receive the same excellent standard of service. The position and orientation of your car wheels are compared against the vehicle manufacturer’s data, ensuring your vehicle is set up perfectly for you to drive.

We use a CCD camera car to document the wheel alignment process and give our customers a printout showing the settings before and after their wheel alignment service.

Our equipment is set up to perform wheel alignment services on any vehicle, from a two-seater sports car to a 4x4. With the care and expertise we provide, you’re guaranteed to see great wheel alignment results.

Four wheel laser car alignment - £49

Our state of the art equipment will easily check your car’s wheels and identify where the technician needs to adjust your wheels according to the manufacturer’s settings. Print outs before and after your wheel alignment will be provided. An additional £10 will be applied to this service for 4x4 and Light Commercial Vehicles.

Performance car wheel alignment - £89

This uses the same state of the art wheel alignment technology but is reserved for the driver who wants to check and adjust all the wheel alignment settings, no matter how low the car.