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Renault Due to Unveil Super-Eco Renault EOLAB

29th September 2014

Renault are set to unveil the Renault EOLAB, a test bed vehicle for ideas which Renault hope to have in showrooms by 2020, at this week's Paris Motor Show.

The EOLAB claims to achieve 282mpg, which means just 1ltr of fuel for 100km, a landmark in fuel efficiency. To achieve this performance, the EOLAB has a highly aerodynamic shape, uses lightweight components and a hybrid engine. Renault claims that the car can drive up to 60km at 120kph on a single charge.

As well as having cameras instead of door mirrors to reduce drag, the EOLAB has three ride-heights which will ensure that car is at its most aerodynamic at all times.

The car is also incredibly light – it weighs 400kg less than the top-spec Renault Clio, with the body weighing 130kg less, and even the suspension is 70kg lighter.

The engine is a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine pinched from the new Twingo, and develops 74bhp. The engine is assisted by a 67bhp, 200Nm electric motor powered by a 6.7kWh battery, again reduced in size to compromise between weight and range.

Two driving modes allow the driver to choose between an electric-biased zero-emission mode and a range-biased, hybrid-focused mode. An 11-inch touchscreen inside relays driving and consumption data to the EOLAB's occupants.