Professional Auto Detailing Service

Thinking Of Selling Your Car?

Why not enhance your car before you sell with our professional Auto Detailing Service at Lookers.

Our professional Auto Detailing Technicians use wide range of specialist chemicals to clean and protect the vehicle on the inside and out. After cleaning the exterior of the vehicle thoroughly, they will apply a coat of wax on the vehicle's surface and machine polish to make the vehicle stand out among the rest.

Interior Auto Detailing includes powerful cleaning of the vehicles seats as well as doors, windows, dashboard, vents, console, glove box, gauges, upholstery and floors. If the seats are made of leather or vinyl, the technician will clean the seats thoroughly with a specialist cream and if it is made of cloth, they will vacuum out every bit of dirt and debris found in the car seat. A high powered vacuum will also be used on all of the carpeted areas of the car and if there's any stain that is present in the carpet, the technician will use a strong cleanser until the stain is gone, leaving your car looking as good as new.

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