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Why its important to maintain your Air-Con throughout the year

Air conditioning is relied upon to provide refreshing, cool air throughout the summer months. However for it to function properly, there is essential maintenance that you should be aware of.

Throughout the Winter

In the cooler months of the year, when air conditioning is not needed and usually switched off, condensation often builds up within the air conditioning system. Combined with the heat of the cars engine, this provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

This buildup can result in sore throats, cold like symptoms and allergies, along with unpleasant smells. Such buildup can also prevent windscreens from clearing of mist, as air flow is limited and cannot circulate properly.

Throughout the Summer

With hayfever and similar allergies at its peak throughout summer, it is also essential to ensure that your air conditioning system does not have a blocked pollen filter.

In addition to these allergies, a blocked pollen filter can also lead to aggravated asthma, and does not protect against exhaust fumes and dust as it is designed to do. Ensuring that you have a new pollen filter will protect you against allergies and asthma, and ensure that you have high quality air within your car.

What can you do?

To avoid problems with your air conditioning system, you should ensure that it is serviced on a regular basis. Contact your local Lookers Dealership or book online through our MyLookers web portal to find out if your air conditioning system requires a service.

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