CO2 Emissions & Efficiency

Efficiency whilst driving is essential, not only to prevent pollution to the environment, but also to save you money.
There are several ways in which you can ensure that your vehicle is efficient, limits its emissions and isn't wasting your money.


As your brakes become older, they become less efficient at slowing your car, increasing your stopping distance. It is therefore essential that you ensure that your vehicles brakes are properly maintained. In addition to this, if your brakes are binding, this forces your engine to work much harder, increasing your emissions and fuel consumption.


A catalytic converter is a legally required part of your vehicles exhaust system, that reduces the toxicity of the emissions from your engine. As exhaust systems become older, they become less efficient and consume more fuel. Incorrectly maintained engines may also damage your catalytic converter, making your engine consume more fuel, and eventually resulting in an avoidable repair.


On diesel cars, it is essential that the vehicle particulate filter is regularly checked, if it has one. This filter reduces particle emissions from a diesel engine. In addition to this, the quality of fuel used in any vehicle can contribute to sticking valves and blocked injectors. These can lead to less efficient burning of fuel and increased emissions from your vehicle.


It is essential that engine oil is regularly checked and topped up when necessary, to protect all of the moving parts within your vehicles engine. Damage to your engine may occur if the oil is old and dirty, or there is not enough of it left, as oil channels may become blocked, and the flow of the oil is reduced to where it is needed. In addition to this damage, your engine will run less efficiently, with increased emissions and fuel consumption.

Wheels & Tyres

Wheel Alignment and Tyre inflation are both key to reducing the resistance between your vehicle and the road. It is essential to ensure that your vehicles wheels are correctly aligned, and its tyres inflated sufficiently to both reduce emissions and save fuel.Every Lookers Service department will gladly check your brakes, exhaust, oil levels, wheels and tyres, as part of a complimentary Vehicle Health Check when your vehicle comes in for a service. To book online for a service, visit our MyLookers booking portal or contact your local service department.

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