Your vehicles exhaust system is designed to remove toxic gasses from your engine, produced by fuel consumption, and emit them away from the occupants of the car in a safe manner. It also serves to reduce engine noise. Parts of your vehicles exhaust system, such as the catalytic converter or Diesel Particular Filter, are also designed to reduce the overall toxicity of gasses released into the atmosphere.


As your vehicle burns fuel, along with producing gasses which must be removed by the exhaust system, it also produces some acids. Over time, this acid may corrode your exhaust system.

Vehicles doing shorter, more regular journeys will be more greatly affected by this, as they do not reach speeds sufficient to remove all of this acid, and it is therefore able to collect within the exhaust system.

This corrosion will lead to less efficient fuel consumption by your vehicle. It may also lead to engine damage and higher levels of pollution. It is therefore essential to ensure that your vehicle is fully serviced on a regular basis, to avoid inefficient fuel consumption and reduce the chance that your vehicle will need a costly repair.

The Catalytic converter and Diesel Particulate Filter elements of a vehicle may also become blocked, especially within bio-diesel fuel vehicles. Regular servicing can reduce the risk of a blockage, ensuring efficiency when burning fuel.

Exhaust Noise

If your vehicles exhaust system begins to create additional noise whilst driving, it is important to get it checked and serviced. Contact your local Lookers dealership, or book online for a service, using the MyLookers web portal, to get your exhaust system fully checked.

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