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What is an MOT and when does my car need one?​

​An MOT is an annual inspection required of every vehicle on the road over three years old. An MOT will check that all your major components are in working order and that your car is roadworthy.

The first MOT is due on a car when it reaches three years from its registration date. An MOT should then be undertaken annually from this date. If you are unsure of when your car is due its MOT, you can find out via the government website: .

What is checked on an MOT?

An MOT is a check of your vehicle’s main components to make sure there is efficient functionality for basic road safety. Without passing the test your vehicle is not legally allowed to take to the road.

Nearly half of all MOT failures could have been prevented with simple checks which you can do at home, so before you take your vehicle to your local Lookers take a look at what you can do to ensure you pass your MOT with flying colours. These are the key components our expert manufacturer trained technicians will be testing during your vehicle’s MOT.​

Brake Lights

Check that each of your brake lights work fully.

Engine Oil

Ensure that your engine has enough oil and top up where required.


The vehicle emission levels will be tested by running your engine. Ensure there is enough fuel for this, or it may be turned away.


Check that your headlights and side lights work correctly.


Give your horn a quick test. It may be essential during an emergency.


Check that all of your indicators are fully working, including hazard lights.

Number Plate

Check the lettering is clean and easily visible.


Check each of your seatbelts for any damage and test each one is working by pulling on it sharply.


Check that each tyre is above the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.


Check your windscreen for damage. If it is larger than 40mm, it will result in an MOT fail.

Wiper Blades

Check all of your wiper blades for damage. If larger than 10mm will result in an MOT fail.


Check each of your wheels for any damage.

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