It is a legal requirement for your vehicle to have an MOT test each year, after it is over 3 years old. An MOT test checks a series points on your vehicle, to ensure that it safe on the road for both yourself and other road users. You can book your MOT online up to 1 month before it is due.

MOT Checklist

What to check before your MOT

Many vehicles fail their MOT because of issues which can be easily spotted and corrected before the test is taken. Follow the below checklist to maximise the chance of your vehicle passing its MOT.

Brake Lights

Check that each of your brake lights, including any extra brake strips, work fully.

Engine Oil

Ensure that your vehicles engine has enough (but not too much!) engine oil, by using the dip stick to check its current oil level. Top up with the correct grade of oil where required.


Your vehicle will be run during its MOT, to test its emission levels. It is important that it has enough fuel for this, or it may be turned away.


Check that each of your headlights and side lights work correctly.


Give your horn a quick test. It may be essential during an emergency.


check that all of your vehicles indicators are fully working, including hazard lights.

Number Plate

There are legal requirements around the font and size of lettering of a number plate. Check that your number plate meets these requirements, and that the lettering is clean and easily visible.


Seatbelts save lives. Check each of your seatbelts for any damage, and test each one is working by pulling on it sharply.


Tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. They are essential for control of your vehicle and must therefore be properly maintained. Check each tyre for any damage, and that the minimum tread depth is above the legal minimum of 1.6mm. It is recommended that you replace your tyres before they reach this depth. Book online now to get your tyres checked, of if you know that they need replacing, buy tyres online.


Check your windscreen for any damage. If it is larger than 40mm, it will result in an MOT fail.

Wiper Blades

Check all of your wiper blades for damage. Any damage larger than 10mm will result in an MOT fail.


Check each of your wheels for any damage.