Car Oil

Between Services, it is essential that basic checks are carried out on your vehicle regularly. Oil is one of the most important checks that must be made, and it is important to top it up whenever necessary to avoid damaging your vehicles moving parts, which may be costly to repair or replace.

What is Oil For?

As you use your vehicle, your engine uses oil as a lubricant to ensure that all moving parts within it have minimum friction between them. As your vehicles oil levels decrease, the oil that is left becomes dirty and less useful more quickly, and your engine must work harder, decreasing efficiency of your engine and increasing the wear to its parts. If your vehicles oil levels decrease too much, or the oil becomes too old and dirty, then your engines parts are more likely to wear out faster, overheat or totally seize up, all of which are expensive to repair.

What can I do to check my oil?

Checking your oil level regularly, as recommended by your vehicles manufacturer, is paramount to avoid potentially damaging to your engine. You should also ensure that the correct grade of oil is used when topping up, as using the incorrect oil could invalidate your vehicles warranty and damage your engine.

Your Oil level will always be checked by us, as part of our complimentary Vehicle Health Check when you visit any Lookers Dealership. Book online now, for a Service, MOT or repair.